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Always and Forever Sisters

April 16, 2013

You came along when I was just two, my very own Cabbage Patch doll,

but I had to wait to be a big sis, ‘cause you were so little and small.

We were such opposites I was the boss, had to have things just so,

you were so free not a care in the world, always ready to go.

I always matched you wore paisley with plaid, your socks were two different colors,

I finally gave up you weren’t listening at all; I’d have better luck with our brothers.

As we got bigger I wanted my space, but I just couldn’t make you see,

I no longer needed my older sister, to constantly watch over me.

Like cats and dogs we often fought, wanting Mom to referee,

But she never took sides; she wanted instead to teach us loyalty.

Mom said, “Friends come and go but you’ll always be sisters, listen to what I say,

there’ll come a time when you’ll need your sister, to help you along the way.”

Then for a time we went different ways, not heeding what Mom had said,

each of us thinking that we were right,  each wishing the other were dead.

As fate would have it we wound up together, in the same house again,

we soon rediscovered each other anew,  disagreeing only now and then.

Now we are older and spend time together, laughing and getting along,

it’s hard to imagine there was ever a time, we did not want to belong.

Our lives will take us on different paths, displaying how each of us differs,

but one thing we know that will never change, we will always, forever be sisters.


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