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Guest post: Do you write like a Zombie or with Zest? by Morgan St James

May 24, 2013

Loved this! Thank you.

MorgEn Bailey - Editor, Comp Columnist/Judge, Tutor & Writing Guru

Tonight’s guest blog post, on the topic of lively writing, is brought to you by humorous mystery / romantic suspense novelist and ‘how to’ writer Morgan St James.

Do you write like a Zombie or with Zest? – Keep it fresh

MorganIt is unbelievably easy to slip into the habit of doing what you’ve already done, or even to revamp what someone else has written without realizing it.

Zombie-like writing means using the same thing over and over by rote. Writing like a zombie is not okay unless it’s paranormal and you’ve just gotten into the character of one of the living dead.

Most writers recognize there are only a given number of basic plots. The many variations result in books and screenplays we love. Also, there are only a given number of character types. The widest variety is in a multitude of possible settings. Here is where the…

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