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A bit of TV nostalgia

June 6, 2013

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As I was watching TV last night I started reminiscing about the shows I grew up with, and I got a pang of nostalgia that these kind of shows are no longer with us. Remember the antics of Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Darla and the rest? Being a daddy’s girl, Father Knows Best was one of my favorites. My dad was a fan of westerns, so I had a crush on Adam Cartwright of Bonanza, wondered if Marshall Dillon would ever marry Miss Kitty, and prayed Wagon Train would safely reach its destination.   I saw the very first episode of Star Trek and was immediately in love with Mr. Spock. and wished I could get  stuck on a deserted island with a bunch of friends. Who would not love Lucy and Ethel, or “Eat my grits!” Flo from Alice?  I loved the Kramden’s and the Clampett’s, and the Cleaver’s.  Perry Mason made my heart palpitate, although I knew he belonged to Della Street. If I ever got into trouble, I hoped it would be Sgt. Joe Friday who would arrest me. Red Skelton had more personalities than “Sybil”, and I loved them all. Every household should have a Hazel, there would never be a dull moment. It would be much more entertaining if all the talent shows on TV took their cue from The Gong Show to get rid of lousy contestants. I know you haven’t forgotten our favorite Marine, Gomer Pyle, and how he used to drive Sgt. Carter to the brink of insanity. This is only a few of the shows I faithfully watched and immensely enjoyed. These were shows anyone could watch. They represent an era that is gone. It has been replaced with graphic sex, violence, and language. I have yet to understand why that is needed for a show to be entertaining. Oh well, I know I’m a dinosaur, but I am forever grateful for being born when I was.


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