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September 21, 2013

What is this odorless, tasteless, colorless liquid called water?

Is it a mere provision for quenching thirst or is there more?


From its abundance, it forms the seas, lakes, rivers and oceans.

It falls from the sky as rain and nourishes all living things.


Water can reveal our soul and is where our dreams reside.

It is a glimpse into the feelings and emotional state of one’s mind.


Oceans reveal the limitlessness of the spirit, peace and meditation.

Rivers are life’s journeys being either supportive or hindering.


Often a symbol of sadness, Rain can also be grace and forgiveness.

How odd that this giver of life can also bring such destruction.


Floods and hurricanes demonstrate water’s anger and wrath.

Was it abuse and neglect that brought about this fury?


Will it show forgiveness with mirror-like calmness once more?

Or will it hold its grudge until all is gone forever?


Water can present itself in variegated forms and substances.

An expert shape-shifter, constantly changing appearance and mood.


From freely flowing water, to frozen tundra, and delicate snowflakes.

To a forceful element powerful enough to supply energy to the earth.


Yet it is beautiful enough to arouse the passions of those in love.

It inspires some of the greatest works of art, music, poetry and dance.


How does one define something as mysterious as water?

One cannot, it laughs at the hubris of humankind to do so.


Immortal, water is a regenerator from the beginning of time.

It was here before we came; it will be here when we are gone.


Ⓒ 2013 Sylvia Van Peebles All rights reserved


From → Poetry

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